Traffic Engineering
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Dean Tekell Consulting can assist you with:

  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Queuing Studies for Drive-Through Services

  • Traffic Calming and Neighborhood Speed Control

  • School Trip and Pedestrian Safety Plans

  • Site Selection Planning

  • Parking Lot Layout and Circulation

  • Traffic Accident Reduction and Highway Safety Techniques

  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction

  • Traffic and Parking Regulation

  • Traffic Signal Analysis for New and Existing Traffic Signals

  • Parking Lot and Garage Operation

  • Transit Funding and Operation

  • Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems ( i.e. red light cameras and speed control)

Dean Tekell Consulting exists to provide advice on the safe, efficient, and environmentally compatible movement of people and goods on streets, highways, parking lots, sidewalks, bikeways, and transit systems.

Depending on your business or need, Dean Tekell Consulting can help you determine how customers and clients are likely to drive, ride or walk to get to a site, through a site and away from a site. This is done with the application of proven engineering study techniques in combination with a knowledge of driver, pedestrian, traffic and vehicle operating characteristics.

Municipalities typically use Dean Tekell Consulting, through their consulting engineer, to resolve traffic engineering problems that occasionally arise in smaller towns. Residents in towns of all sizes request assistance from their local government for the control of speeding traffic, the correction of "dangerous" intersections, problems with poor traffic signal timing, and the installation of new traffic signals. The lack of public transportation is also a critical deficiency in smaller towns. These services are not requested often enough, in one town, to justify the maintenance of traffic or public transportation expertise by a general civil engineering consultant. Dean Tekell Consulting is a value-added service that a traditional civil engineering consultant can offer their municipal clients without adding the expense of a full time traffic engineer to their staff. These same consultants find Dean Tekell Consulting useful for the swift preparation of safe and efficient work zone traffic control plans required in road design projects for State and Local Governments.

Insurers and attorneys have turned to Dean Tekell Consulting for expert witness services. The firm's principal, Dean Tekell, is a registered professional engineer with over 16 years of experience resolving traffic, parking and public transportation problems. He has been accepted as an accident reconstructionist in Louisiana's 4 th & 16 th Judicial Districts. He has been accepted as an expert in the design, application and operation of traffic control devices in Louisiana's 15 th Judicial District.

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Traffic Engineering
Accident Reconstruction Facebook Twitter Client List Feedback Links

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