Joshua Tekell

Louisiana State University
    Bachelor of Science
    Electrical Engineering (Emphasis‐ Power Engineering) 2007

Institute of Police Technology and Management
    Tested and Certified in At‐Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Homicide Investigation (Accelerated) 2017
    Tested and Certified in Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation (Accelerated) 2017
    Tested and Certified in Traffic Crash Reconstruction (Scottsdale, AZ) 2017

Collision Safety Institute
    Tested and Certified as a Crash Data Retrieval Technician and Analyst on BOSCH Crash Data 2010

Northwestern University Center for Public Safety
    Certified as a Crash Data Retrieval Analyst on BOSCH Crash Data (Evanston, IL) 2018
American Traffic Safety Services Association
    Tested and Certified as a Supervisor in Traffic Control through Work Zones 2010 & 2016
Institution of Transportation Engineers
    Classes in Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering
        • Traffic Engineering for All Modes
        • Operational and Safety Effects of Geometric Design
        • Data Collection
        • Analysis and Appraisal/Transportation Studies
        • Traffic Control Devices
        • Site Planning
            o Social Issues 2014

MCTRANS Traffic Engineering Fundamentals courses in Controls, Safety and Capacity 2015

Collision Safety Institute
    Event Data Recorder Summit Houston 2017
        • Asynchronous Data Concepts in EDR (Event Data Recorder) Data
        • Autonomous Vehicles
        • BOSCH Update
        • EDR (Event Data Recorder) Case Studies
        • KIA and Hyundai Updates
        • Mercedes Case Study
        • Occupant Kinematics and Airbag Deployment
        • Pre‐Crash Data—Where Does It Come From?
        • Subaru and Mitsubishi
        • Toyota Brake Data
            o Vehicle Forensics 2017

Collision Safety Institute
    Event Data Recorder Summit Houston 2018
        • Bosch CDR Tool Updates
        • Your Vehicle Has an Infotainment System‐ Now What?
        • On‐Star Data: Automatic Collision Notification Evidence
        • EDR Throttle Input
        • Power Loss and “Reported” Vehicle Speeds
        • Subaru EDR Evidence— Software Traits and Examples
        • Tesla Autopilot, Self Driving Vehicles & Driver Assistance Features; Who Caused the Accident?
        • Case‐Studies in Bosch CDR Tool Retrieved Data
        • Detroit Diesel Engine EDR ECM Overview and Updates
        • Legal Challenges Regarding EDR Data
        • EDR and Motorcycles
        • Overview of Bendix Wingman System and Bendix Data Recorder 2018

Crash reconstruction and vehicle crush measurements
    Dean Tekell Consulting LLC (2008 – Present)

Crash investigation and site mapping for passenger and commercial motor carrier crash information preservation
    Dean Tekell Consulting LLC (2008 – Present)

Design for traffic signal intersection layout/intersection improvements
    Dean Tekell Consulting LLC (2008 – Present)

Supervised and inspected construction of new traffic signals
    Jefferson Terrace at Dale Street, New Iberia, Louisiana 2011
    Burgess Street at Walker South Road (Signal Upgrade), Walker, Louisiana 2013
    Breaux Bridge Junior High Hawk Flasher, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 2016
    Ambassador Caffery at South Bernard Road, Lafayette, Louisiana 2016/2017

Inspected Traffic Management Plan, traffic control, and traffic safety on I‐10/I‐12 three lane expansions through Baton
Rouge, Louisiana
    Dean Tekell Consulting LLC (2010‐2013)

Roadway Departure Crash location recommendations St. Landry Parish, Avoyelles Parish
    Dean Tekell Consulting LLC 2011

Roadway Curve/Turn sign study Natchitoches Parish
    Dean Tekell Consulting LLC 2010

Related Experience
Automotive restoration and repair (1998 – Present)
Rebuilt family home from the flooding in August 2016 (August 2016 – May 2017)
Military Vehicle restoration and modification (2002 – 2011)
Built two SSIP (Structural Steel Insulated Panel) structures with a self‐contracted minimal crew; one residential in
Biloxi, MS the other in Watson, LA (2006 – 2008)
Assistant Manager in a major auto parts and service company/automotive parts counter (2003 – 2005)
Professional Engineering and Surveying Company Inc. (PENSCO) Surveying Lineman 2001
Welding experience mig steel/aluminum as well as cutting torch and plasma
Machining experience on mill and lathe
Structural and Trim Carpentry